Yukon Harley-Davidson

Warren Christian and ArcticWeb Solutions have worked with us at Yukon Harley-Davidson over the past year to develop our corporate website, printed materials, promotional artwork, and multimedia presentations. The quality of work throughout this process has been outstanding.

This website design and web-based marketing strategy have greatly increased our exposure and original Yukon Harley-Davidson product sales. We have logged thousands of hits on our website; we get excellent rankings on the search engines; and we have received many compliments on the design of our website. Personally, I think it is the best Harley-Davidson site yet!

Warren has a solid understanding of web-based technologies, and is committed to creating new and innovative designs for us, and all his clients. It has been a pleasure working with him and ArcticWeb Solutions, and we will continue doing so into the future. We believe that Warren’s expertise in web design and multimedia can benefit any company. We highly recommend his services to anyone in the market for web design, multimedia presentations, print and graphic design, or any computer-related venture.

Blayne Epp, Yukon Harley-Davidson