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Quicktime VR - Panoramic Scenes and Objects

Quctime VR offers the ability to create virtual reality scenes via Panoramic imaging or Object VR.

Panoramic VR scenes allow a user to easily look around a scene and zoom in or out at their convenience. It gives you a much more realistic view of an area than possible with still photographs and mucg more control than when using video.

(the objects below may take some time to load. You must have Quictime installed - Download now)

(Click and drag on the image to look around or move the objects)

Object oriented VR allows a user to rotate an object as if it were right in front of them. Unlike photographs or video clips, you have the ability to create an object that can be rotated in any direction. The object shown below only rotates on one axis, but could be made to rotate vertically as well. The main reason for not incorporating this complete control in most Quciktime VR projects is time. To make a VR movie run smoothly you generally want to take photos at about 10 degree increments. For a horizontal rotation of an object, that is 35 photos. The same principal applies to vertical rotation, but you would need to take 35 horizontal photos for each of the 35 vertical photos, which would total 1225 photos. This not only consumes a lot of time, but a lot of bandwidth.

Panoramic and/or Object VR movies can be combined together using HotSpots. This gives you the ability to create totally immersive virtual tours and much more!

(click on the links within the movie below - on the projector screen - to view the objects)

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