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Website Hosting : Polarbear Plan

This website hosting plan is designed for the power user. It's perfect for websites that require large amounts of storage space and bandwidth for streaming audio, video, or animation. It also gives you the ability to take total control over your website hosting. Have as many websites, domains, FTP accounts, databases, and email addresses as you like!

The Polarbear hosting plan also gives you access to a wide array of scripts and programs geared toward supporting your clients and generating income from your website.

With this hosting plan, you not only get plenty of space for your website (2000 MB), but also 20,000MB of bandwidth, unlimited email addresses, unlimited databases, unlimited domains and sub-domains, website statistics, and up to five of the programs below!

  • Photo Gallery (easily add photos and text to share)
  • Blog (a web log - post your ideas on the web)
  • Content Management (easily manage an entire website with no programming!)
  • Discussion Board (discuss topics with people anywhere in the world)
  • FAQ (frequently asked questions / answers)
  • Guestbook (let people comment on what they think of your site)
  • Polls & Surveys (find out what your visitors think)
  • Wiki (let others contribute to your website)
  • Classifieds (almost like your own personal ebay)
  • Calendar (let people know what you are up to...and when)
  • Customer Support Center (support your customers online)
  • HelpDesk (chat with clients in real-time)
  • Project Management Tools (keep track of your projects)
  • Advertisement Control Center (generate revenue from your website traffic)
  • Web Auctions (buy, sell and trade online)
  • Real Estate Listing System (manage property sales)
  • Shopping Cart (simple and secure e-commerce)
  • Website Backups (backup your website(s) and settings)
  • Chat Rooms (live chat)
  • Search Engine Tools (generate more traffic from search engines)
  • SSL Security Tools (setup and manage your website security)

Remember, if your website ever outgrows your hosting plan, we are here to help. We can easily add more email addresses, server space, bandwidth, or programs to suit your needs.

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