Bring the power of the Internet to your television - watch YouTube, Netflix, and stream Live TV from the comfort of your favourite couch or chair. Empower your television with streaming content from around the world, as well as thousands of useful applications and games for your enjoyment.

  • One small device to control all of your media!
  • Great remote to play media, use applications, or even access social media!
  • Can be used with full keyboard and mouse for a more "PC" experience!
  • Cast media from your phone to your TV!


  • It is a pleasure working with Warren; he has earned respect from both the team and leadership. He has good work ethics and an excellent attitude. He has been able to adapt to the ever changing environment with ease and he is always willing to take on more, and ensures that he follows through with what is on his plate.

    Masroor Khan, TELUS Team Leader