Yukon Harley-Davidson

Yukon Harley-Davidson

Multimedia Presentation (Flash)

This multimedia presentation was produced to showcase Yukon Harley-Davidson motorcycles and MotorClothes at a fashion show in Whitehorse, Yukon. It uses Flash animation combined with some catchy music and a Harley-Davidson movie clip.

When you click on the link you should get a prompt asking you whether you would like to Run, Save, or Cancel the download. Choose Run to see the presentation the quickest, or Save it to your computer so that you can view it any time.

This file (.exe) will only run on Windows systems. You may be prompted with warnings when downloading/running an ".exe" file, but we assure you it is safe and virus-free.


  • It is a pleasure working with Warren; he has earned respect from both the team and leadership. He has good work ethics and an excellent attitude. He has been able to adapt to the ever changing environment with ease and he is always willing to take on more, and ensures that he follows through with what is on his plate.

    Masroor Khan, TELUS Team Leader