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Pricing for Website Design and Web Hosting Plans

Here at ArcticWeb we offer exceptional products and services at an affordable price. Because we offer custom website design and hosting solutions, you can get what you need without breaking the bank.

For most projects we bill at an hourly rate for our website design services and at a monthly rate for website hosting. On larger projects we can put together an estimate or quote for you. If you are interested in getting an estimate on your project, simply contact us.

Website Design:

Service Hourly Rate (Can.)
General (HTML/CSS) design $65
Graphic Design $65
Javacript / DHTML $75
Flash/Animation/ActionScript $75
Database/Programming $75 - $100

Website Hosting

Our website hosting plans are some of the best available. With servers in seven cities and three countries including Canada, USA, and England, we can guarantee at least 99.9% reliability and offer speeds that most companies simply can't compete with. For more specific information about our hosting servers, network, and plans, go to our website hosting page.

Website Hosting Plans: Monthly Rate (Can.)
(Perfect for personal websites)
(Great for business websites sites)
(Built to handle secure e-commerce and streaming media)

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